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Promote Your Worth ™ - NOW!

A special event for women who want to get recognized, promoted and paid.


Learn the simple tools that will take you to higher levels and higher compensation.



Feeling stuck, undervalued and unsure of your next steps?

Stop second guessing yourself and learn how to:

-  Get unstuck in your career path
-  Get recognized, and gain advancement
-  Develop confidence to your core and
-  Communicate confidently with credibility

I started out in the corporate world when very few women were in management.   I found that women, both then and still today, struggle with being "seen" and acknowledged for their skills in the workplace; they "give away" all their time, knowledge and energy hoping to gain recognition and advancement.  Often the effort involved in juggling multiple roles result in becoming a scapegoat.

After 30 years of mastering the corporate chessboard and personally mentoring dozens of women, I'm on a mission to help as many women as possible to step into their confidence and power, and achieve career success.   


Peter F, Drucker once said that, “If you want to predict the future, create it.”


Are you ready to create and to step into yours?

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